Cunt coloring book

In the beginning we come from the cunt,
not from some man’s side; and we are
washed in the water and blood of birth,
not the spear-pierced side of some dying
god. In the beginning women made pots and
jars shaped like wombs and breasts, and
decorated them with triangles, which were
symbols of thB cunt. So the first art was
Cunt Art. The bones of the dead were laid
in jars — perhaps to speed the soul to
its next womb? Did the ancient uiomen sing,
how delicate, sensitive, delicious, how
strong the ring of muscle between one life
and the next? There are tribal women today
who sing praises of their cunts, how pretty
and long and full their lips are, how the
hair curls and glistens with moisture,

The drawings in this book are of real
women’s cunts.

Martha Shelley


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