Grave robbing instructional video

Long before the internet made file-sharing a fact of life, showing your friend an underground video like Two Girls, One Cup for the first time required a lot more than simply ruining your search history. In the early 90s, all manner of fringe videos were traded by hand, dubbed from degraded VHS copies and passed from person-to-person in chains that stretched from house parties in California to basements in New York.

One of the most infamous tapes to claw its way out of the dark basements of the VHS trade is a crude how-to video titled Grave Robbing For Morons. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Over the course of twenty-seven minutes, a stuttering kid in a leather jacket gives a detailed guide on looting cemeteries, showing off human skulls he’s collected, offering advice on how best to deal with witnesses, and giving some stomach-turning anecdotes about the sights and sounds of the trade.


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