Bastiaan from Drugslab tries ketamine

Bastiaan is going to experience the dissociative effects by sniffing ketamine (2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-cyclohexanone). Ketamine has been developed as an anesthetic for veterinary medicine.

Are you about to use ketamine? Keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t eat for at least 3 hours before using ketamine, to prevent nausea.
  • Possible effects are disorientation and reduced motor skills. So make sure you can sit or lay down when you use ketamine.
  • Keep in mind that the after-effects can last for 2-3 hours.
  • In case of a (too) high dose, you can end up in a K-hole. We strongly advice against.

The dose depends on the desired effect. If you sniff ketamine, a dose to start with is between 20mg-50mg. First time? Start with 20mg and wait for at least 15/20 minutes to see what kind of effect is has.


  • K-hole (from about 100mg)
  • Ketamine anesthetized; so you can injure yourself without noticing.
  • Nausea and puking.
  • Disorientation and reduced motor skills.
  • Heavy regular use can lead to problems with your kidney and bladder.
  • Heavy regular use can lead to addiction.

[Via: Drugslab]

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