Sketches for the next season

Jonas Bering – the grand seigneur of timeless, beautiful minimalism, knows exactly what he wants: to freeze great moments. A good solid wine needs time to mature, and so does a good album.

The first one – Bienfait (Kompakt 18) – dates back to 2000. But now, Jonas Bering finally presents his second album: Sketches Of The Next Season with 10 glamorous, cool-cosy jewels full of lightness and grace. He skillfully glides between melodious klicker pop and transparent noble minimalism and makes them a perfect match.

And with an almost provocative sangfroid, he defies any kind of music trends, microtrends and hypes: he braves the saw, the rock, the shuffle and keeps on dreaming of the purest, everlasting, timeless minimal techno. [Via:]


1. Diabolo
2. Nighthawks
3.  Only Mirrors
4. Because You’re Young
5. Circus
6. Mustang 1966
7. Wissant
8. Nina’s Song
9. Normandie 1
10. Out To Out

  • Release Date // November 3, 2003
  • Format // CD / 12″
  • Catalog Nr // Kompakt CD 028
  • EAN // 880319000621

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