Bastiaan from DrugsLab tries LSD

 Bastiaan from DrugsLab tries the psychedelic drug LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide).

Are you about to try LSD? Keep the following things in mind:

  • The trip from LSD takes a long time. The effects can last for 12 hours.
  • Therefore, a comfortable setting and a sober tripsitter is very important and can help you experiencing a good trip.
  •  Take a day off after using LSD. You will need this to recover and to process the whole experience.
  •  A LSD-trip is quite similar to a trip from magic mushrooms. If you don’t like magic mushrooms, don’t try LSD.

LSD is a heavy substance, so you don’t need much for a heavy trip.
For a normal to heavy trip the average is 50-150 micrograms.
Be careful with microdots (pills), these are more strong (100-250 micrograms) than papertrips.


  • Nausea and puking
  • Bad trip
  • Trigger for psychosis and flashbacks

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