Scent of a woman

Japan deserves another gold medal for these innovative and amazing creations… The perfect gift for almost every man…

Based on the realistic smell of an innocent Japanese student’s gym clothes, this Scent of School Girls Sportswear Gym Uniform Smell is the perfect combination of sweet and sour scents. The taboo fragrance is inspired by a Japanese schoolgirl’s sweaty physical education uniform, but has been imbued with the girl’s own natural odor for extra power. The small spray will add a new sensory level to any session with your favorite cosplay outfits, dolls, or masturbators.scent1

The Scent of High School Girl Night Juices Smell Bottle is a perfect example of Japanese aroma fetish items. Add some of this realistic scent to a partner’s body or clothes or costumes, or even a sex doll or adult toy, and you can recreate the unique smell of a Japanese female school student. In particular, Tama Toys have produced a scent that is based on the liquid excretions dripping from this high schooler’s you-know-what during her nightly sessions touching herself.scent2

The fresh and fragrant fetish smell, straight from between the legs of a Japanese virgin. Add some of this Scent of Panties Japanese Virgin Smell Spray onto a sex doll, masturbator toy, clothing, partner or just yourself. Either way you enjoy it, the aroma is going to hit all the right buttons. One spray and your nose will conjure up the forbidden scent of a young Japanese girl about to experience her first time…scent3

Love the sensation of golden showers? Well, get the experience whenever you want one with this Japanese Schoolgirl Pee Smell Bottle, a scented liquid with the aroma of a female school student’s urine. Great for adding to clothes, dolls, onaholes and more, this is erotic fetish at its most convenient!scent4

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