Fellatio prosthetic

Instead of treating disease and restoring normal function to the mouth, Taiwanese artist Kuang-Yi Ku imagines dentists enhancing it along one particular line, the act of performing fellatio. To do this, he created retainers which offer a more intense sexual experience for your (male) partner.


At the dentistry school lab at King’s College London, journalist Frank Swain is having a dental impression taken. After filling the silicone cast with plaster, he has an exact copy of his teeth. Add one thin sheet of thermoplastic, a little heat and suction, and he’s got a personal retainer. The next step for everyone is to design our dream oral sex prosthetic, adding texture through tiny rubber bumps, cones, ribs and ripples.


Science gallery director Daniel Glaser tells them there’s a bigger point to be made. “A lot of health thinking is moving away from helping the negative of disease, the negative of death, the negative of pain, and moving toward something in its own right, the positive things we should be striving for through all kinds of interventions,” he says. “So this is part of a movement using technology and using science to improve life and not just to reduce harm.”

The dimpled retainer is just stage one of Ku’s imaginative vision. Further iterations involve the introduction of living tissue onto the prosthetic for a more lifelike feel, and ultimately grafting these living protrusions into the mouth cavity for a permanent upgrade to your oral prowess. While tissue engineering exists for restoring normal sexual function, such as lab-grown vaginas, this would take the practice into the arena of human enhancement.


[Via: newscientist.com]

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