I like to watch

I Like to Watch” is a four-minute music video which explores the connections between the September 11 attacks, professional sports, and pornography. It’s often understood as a critique of the voyeurism inherent in mass media, but this wasn’t the original intent. The video simply attempts to capture the author’s personal experience of watching the attacks on TV, including childish glee, vindictiveness, perverse fascination, and sexual arousal.

The video also frames the attacks as Freudian drama on a national scale. The towers are phallic, and the gashes made by the planes are vaginal. The violent penetrations ultimately deflate and invert the towers, in a forced transsexual surgery that emasculates America.

“I Like to Watch” was released on the Internet on December 11, 2001, and received over one million downloads within two weeks. By the end of the month, even the Washington Post referred to the 9-11 footage as a “money shot” and called it “our new porn” [12/31/2001, Page C1]. The music was distributed on vinyl by Null Records (Berlin) in September 2002.

Grab the video here (MPEG-4 – 22MB) or here (MPEG-2 DVD ISO – 230MB).

[Via: churchofeuthanasia.org]


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