6 great board games for your next date night

While many will begrudgingly accommodate two players, it’s rare to find an intentional, well-designed game for two people.
Conversely, games for two people don’t have to be restricted to the childhood classics of Battleship, Guess Who, and War.

1) Jaipur

Time to play: 30 minutes
BoardGameGeek rating: 7.5

At first glance, Jaipur is a deceptively simple game about commerce: buying, selling, and trading diamonds, leather, spices, gold, silver, and cloth. But its rapid-fire rounds belie the deeper strategies at play here. Do you take all the camels for later swapping power, or swap some of your commodities? Decide quickly, because the going rate for the goods at the market diminishes the more are sold.

The game’s built-in mode is a “best of three” round, but you could easily ignore the Seals of Excellence and just keep playing for hours.

2) Paperback

Time to play: 45 minutes
BoardGameGeek rating: 7.4

Nobody likes Scrabble. I get it. But the makers of Paperback found a way to make a word-centric game fun again with the added mechanic of a deck-builder like Dominion. Earn pennies for your lexicographical creations, then use that buying power to pull a Pat Sajak and buy a vowel (or a consonant, or a two-letter combo card) for later use. With enough buying power, you can also snag one of the wild card books on offer, building your “fame points” for the ultimate victory.

As an added bonus, the game includes a half dozen variations already built into the rule book, so you can experiment to find the best fit for your players.

3) Carcassonne

Time to play: 30-45 minutes
BoardGameGeek rating: 7.4

Though it supports up to five players, most people agree that Carcassonne is best as a duet, with two people duking it out to claim the most roads, cities, and farmland in an ever-expanding tile city.

Once you get the hang of it, there are plenty of expansions available to help keep things fresh, including Inns & Cathedrals, Rivers, and more.

4) Guillotine

Time to play: 30 minutes
BoardGameGeek rating: 6.5

As the box eloquently puts it, “you win by getting a head.” You play an executioner in Revolution-era France, trying to please the people by beheading the least popular nobles. But action cards keep shuffling up the front of the line, making it difficult to predict who’s next on the chopping block. While in game time, this plays out over three days, you’ll be able to knock out a round in about half an hour.

5) Patchwork

Time to play: 15-30 minutes
BoardGameGeek rating: 7.9

All the relaxation of a Zen sewing hobby, none of the hazards of needles and sewing machines. Each player is trying to make the most complete 9×9 quilt using an array of Tetris-esque pieces, available for purchase with buttons that you earn over time. But the bigger the piece you play, the more quickly your token advances through the time track, effectively giving you fewer turns to pick up more patches. It’s rare to find a game that rewards the resistance to rush, and it’s fitting that a quilting game would be such an exercise.

6) Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

Time to play: 30 minutes
BoardGameGeek rating: 7.5

Can you build the biggest farm with the most animals in eight rounds? This intentionally two-person variant of Agricola will reveal your hidden animal husbandry skills as you try to foster a variety of cows, horses, pigs, and sheep. It removes the more complicated parts of the original game, opting to focus solely on the animals instead—and includes adorable animal tokens to boot.

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