Superpitcher Groove podcast 101

The Golden Ravedays Meditations #1

01. Superpitcher – Yves (Short Version)
02. Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda – Om Shanti
03. Auntie Flo – Rainfall On Red Earth
04. Superpitcher – Howl
05. Body Four – XIV
06. Superpitcher x Joakim x Neil Young – On the Beach (Under The Sea Mix)

Aksel Schaufler allegedly grew up in a household from which pop culture was permanently banned. Whether or not that is entirely true probably does not matter, but what’s definitely true is that Schaufler absorbed every new sound when he started out DJing as Superpitcher in the mid 90s. First came Hip Hop, Dub and Reggae, then Schaufler relocated to Cologne, where he soon joined the extended Kompakt family. Even that was more than twenty years ago and Schaufler has just returned to his own Hippie Dance with an album released as a 12-part series of EPs to be released every of month until the end of the year.


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