How beauty procedures looked in the 1930s-40s

‘Freezing’ freckles off with carbon dioxide was a popular treatment in the thirties. Patients’ eyes were covered with airtight plugs, their nostrils were filled in for protection, and they had to breathe through a tube.

A chorus of large blow-driers attends to a customer in the 1920s.

A permanent hair procedure (presumably hair waving) being performed in Germany in 1929.

This device from 1930, invented by Max Factor, helps correct the application of make-up.

This terrifying mask from the 1940s could be plugged in to heat the face and head in an attempt to stimulate circulation and make the skin look fresh.

‘Slenderising salons’ in the forties devised all sorts of weight-loss treatments, one of which was massage chairs like these, which massaged clients’ legs with metal rollers

A 1940s beauty treatment at Helena Rubinstein’s salon.

Before the invention of sun-screen in the mid 1940s, bathers wore garments like this Freckleproof Cape to protect themselves from the sun. The cape also features built-in sunglasses.

Pre-war women would spend hours with their hair bundled up into creepy heating machines like these to achieve a fashionable curled look.

A fruit mask from the 1930s.

This ‘Glamour Bonnet’ from the forties promised to give users a rosy complexion by lowering atmospheric pressure around their head to simulate alpine conditions.

This Thirties suction machine consisted of tiny glass nozzles, a rubber hose and a vacuum pump. It promised smooth, spot-free skin.

These two 1920s women are getting rid of wrinkles and imperfections by wearing rubber “beauty masks”.

The ‘Hangover Heaven’ face pack, also invented by Max Factor, featured plastic cubes that could be filled with water and frozen. The mask was popular with party-going Hollywood stars in the forties.

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