Re-Flex were formed in the early 1980s by musicians John Baxter on vocals and lead guitar and Paul Fishman on keyboards and backing vocals. The band’s earliest line-ups also included Francois Craig on bass, vocals, John Hodges on guitar, and two successive drummers: Phil Gould and Mark King, who would both go on to form Level 42. Following King’s exit, Roland Vaughn Kerridge took over on drums and later, after Craig’s departure, musician Thomas Dolby introduced the band to ex-Gloria Mundi bass player Nigel Ross-Scott. Hodges departed at some point before their first album was recorded. Re-Flex’s final and best-known lineup consisted of Baxter, Fishman, Kerridge and Ross-Scott.

In late 1982, the band recorded their debut album, The Politics of Dancing, which was released in 1983 through EMI. The album, produced by John Punter of Roxy Music fame, was a moderate success, charting at No. 53 in the United States, No. 58 in Germany and No. 34 in New Zealand. The album was later re-released in 1993, in CD format for the first time, by One Way Records. [Via: wikipedia]

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