Forehead rotational skin flap from a dog bite

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The initial damageĀ (profile), less than an hour after the dog attacked.

The next morning front on.

Despite going down to cartilage the general structure of the cartilage was still in tact. My first surgery was to do a clean up and check the structure. If the cartilage had been too badly damaged they would have had to have done a “cartilage graft” from the back of my ear. That did NOT sound fun so I’m glad I avoided that.

My no longer attached piece of nostril.

Still covered in dog slobber. Unfortunately this was of no use and has since been incinerated. Essentially because it had been in a dog’s mouth and due to the lack of blood flow to a nose it would never have taken if sewn back on and was an infection risk.

You thought what the dog did to me was bad – this is what the DOCTORS did to me.

Minutes after coming out of my second surgery.

If they did a straight skin graft my nose wouldn’t have provided enough blood flow to keep the flesh alive. They decided to do what is called a forehead rotational skin flap. Quite literally they cut a 20c piece of flesh from my forehead and peeled it down, rotated it around and stitched it to my nose. The theory being that it is still attached to my forehead and getting a blood flow from there. I was like this for ~3wks while it gave my nose a chance to vascularise that piece of flesh on the tip so when the bridge was severed it could sustain its own blood supply.

Exactly five weeks after the initial injury.

Still not perfect, but a healthy piece of skin on my nose that doesn’t appear to be turning necrotic or wanting to drop off. From here there’s anything up to five more revisional surgeries to get things looking right. Due to the fatness of my forehead tissue compared to my nose they may potentially need to peel it back again and scrape away some fat. Not fun. But basically as long as I continue to massage the scars you shouldn’t notice they’re there in a year’s time unless you’re looking. Or so I’m told.

Sep15 – 10mths after the initial bite.

Still waiting for the surgery I described in the previous picture where they peel back the nose skin and thin it out, but other than that the scars are fading and it’s all generally healing nicely.

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