Pokémon Go sex toys


Pokémoan dildo range – Gotta get em all!

Introducing GeekySexToys range of Pokémoan sex toys! Become the ultimate Pokémoan master with your new silicone friends. Let your imagination run wild as you play under the sheets. Choose your new companion wisely, the pokésex data has all the information you will need.

Bulby‘ – A grass type Pokémoan. Bulby has a large seed tip making it a very pleasurable friend to have.

Charmy‘ – A slightly thinner, fire type Pokémoan with a flaming tail. Charmy gives intense orgasms everywhere it goes.

Squirty‘ – A water Pokémoan. Squirty has a smooth round head with a large grooved turtle shell on its back.

Piky‘ – This small electric type anal Pokémoan is a perfect size for the average Pokémoan trainer. Piky is an extremely cute yet essential addition to your team.

[Via: GeekySexToys]

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