Wasp: a dangerous new drug mixture causing psychotic episodes

Nashville, Tennessee

A Lawrence County man was arrested after terrorizing a family and causing tremendous harm to himself while being under the influence of a dangerous drug.

Deputies said Danny Hollis Jr. was smoking something called wasp, a mixture of meth and bug spray.

On Mon. 18th  around 7 p.m. on Gimlet Road, deputies responded to a call about a naked man inside a house.

Investigators said Hollis broke into the home, sat at the family dinner table and cut his own throat in front of four children and a mother.

“This man walks in. The family is all in there, minding their own business. He is stripped naked. He says the dog is looking at him. He grabs a knife and he cuts his throat. He goes up stairs and jumps out a window, after busting his head on the glass of the front door and then he takes off running,” said Lt. Melinda Brewer.

According to brewer, Hollis jumps on the gazebo in the family’s back yard.

The 35-year-old runs across a field, where deputies finally catch up to him.

After he hits his head on the pavement, deputies and EMS were able to secure him.

Investigators said Hollis admitted to smoking wasp, a combination of meth and crystalized bug spray.

Lt. Brewer said the drug is worse than bath salts and causes psychotic episodes.

Hollis didn’t want to talk to News 2 in jail but deputies spoke to him.

He said he couldn’t remember any of the stuff he did.

[Via: wkrn.com]

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