Download this 20 gigabyte gabber sample pack


After years of operating comfortably within the confines of underground scenes beyond the purview of most dance music press and aficionados, gabber is now facing a wave of curious interest and hyped-up popularity.’s report on Poland’s WIXAPOL, one of the epicenters of the neo-gabber underground, was one of our most-clicked longform pieces last year. The feature arrived on the heels of the announcement that Berlin’s CTM Festival would hold its own WIXAPOL showcase at Berghain, which will happen on February 2.

And now, the 25-year-old Dutch hardcore and gabber party, Thunderdome, has released a massive sample pack in honor of gabber’s much-anticipated 2018 revival. The 20 GB Thunderdome Ultimate Samplebank has over 1000 sounds taken straight from the Thunderdome discography and provides the fledgling gabber enthusiast with all of the distorted kicks, bass burbs, screams, hoover sounds and white-knuckled rave sonics they need to bust out an endless stream of relentless 200 BPM wizardry. Check it out below and download it directly on the SoundCloud page.


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