Snow White

The animated version of Snow White, produced by Fleischer Studios in 1933, possesses a richly multifaceted oddness. The film barely coheres, leaving for anyone who studies it precious few graspable outcroppings. And perhaps that is the film’s chief strangeness: that, while its various components are already plenty strange in and of themselves, those components interact in such arbitrary and baffling ways as to make the film’s bizarreness quotient greater than the sum of its peculiar parts. [Via:]

The plot, such as it is, is really more a framework to display a series of gags, musical selections, and animation. Critics have cited the film as having some of the most imaginative animation and background drawings from the Fleischer Studios artists. Mae Questel performs the voices of Betty Boop and the Olive Oyl-ish Queen, and Cab Calloway is the voice of Koko the Clown, singing “St. James Infirmary Blues”. Koko’s dancing during the “St. James” number is rotoscoped from footage of Cab Calloway. [Via: wikipedia]

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