Download a 30-module virtual synthesizer

VCV Rack is a powerful new piece of open-source software that gives you control of over 30 modules.

Launched at Illinois’ Knobcon 2017 tech convention over the weekend, VCV Rack boasts modules from the likes of Mutable Instruments, Synthesis Technology and Befaco and can be played as a stand-alone piece of software, with a MIDI keyboard controller or in connection with your DAW  of choice. You can even add and rearrange modules to create complex patches with the click of a mouse.

What’s more, the digital synth modules emulated virtually by VCV are directly ported from the original module’s source code, meaning that all of the generated signals are faithful to the hardware. With the program free to download and entirely open-source, you can expect to see plenty more modules added to the VCV Rack in the future.

Download it for free here.


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