Geeky Sex Toys was founded by an Australian couple in May 2016.  All their products are designed and handmade by them. They are based in Brisbane but they ship worldwide for everyone to enjoy!

Agent Getsmeoff: “Hey big guy, Sun’s getting real low… If you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful red head in black leather who isn’t afraid to kick some ass then this is the Indulger for you! Agent Getsmeoff will help satisfy your desires with her silky smooth skin and perfectly textured insides. If you feel the need to kick it up a notch you can add some vibrations and really experience what it’s like to fuck an Indulger.”

Möan-lnir: “Forged by the geekiest of dicksmiths, in the strongest of silicone, Möan-lnir is a toy made for the truest of nerds. Whoever holds this hammer, if they be horny, shall poses the power of thunderous climax!”

Infinity Fist: “It is said that no mortal being can withstand the raw power of an infinity fist… If you think you possess the superhuman physiology of all Eternals then you’ll stop at nothing to own this incredible toy. Unfortunately this Infinity Fist won’t give you omnipotence and omniscience, it will give you one hell of an orgasm though!”

Arse Reactor: “With a detailed, glow in the dark base this Aluminium Alloy butt plug is at the forefront in anal play technology. You don’t need to be a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist to get your hands on one of these Arse Reactors. Just choose your size and let this Arse Reactor power your pleasure all night long!”

HawkAss – Arrow Dildo: “Never miss your mark again with our new HawkAss Arrow! With a straight shaft and a narrow, slightly curved tip this product has been specifically designed for the super hero without any kinky super powers. Perfect for anybody looking to embark on their first strap on adventure.”

Captain Anal: “Who better to lead your fun time in the bedroom than Captain Anal – The First Indulger! This patriotic anal toy underwent a super secret silicone operation which transformed it from a boring old silicone plug, into a super awesome, multi coloured, anal Indulger! Using our 100% body safe silicone Captain Anal will always be ready for duty.”

The Incredible Dong: “Incredible Dong is the result of a wonderful lab experiment here at Geeky Sex Toys. Too much exposure to silicone resulted in a brilliantly green dildo with an insertable length of 8.5″ and a girthy circumference of 7.8″… You’re welcome 😉 Now fill your horny heart with rage and smash out some orgasms with this Incredible Dong!”