The most beautiful suicide

Evelyn McHale (1923 – 1947) was an American bookkeeper who took her own life by jumping from the 86th floor Observation Deck of the Empire State Building on May 1, 1947.

A photograph taken four minutes after her death by photography student Robert Wiles has become an iconic suicide photograph, referred to as “the most beautiful suicide”.

Evelyn McHale’s dying wish was that no one sees her body ,he wanted her family to remember her body the way it was before she jumped off. Evelyn McHale never got her wish.

The photo shows Evelyn looking almost peaceful, like she could be sleeping, lying cradled in a mess of crumpled steel. Her feet are crossed at the ankles, and her gloved left-hand rests on her chest, clutching her pearl necklace.

Since being taken on May 1, 1947, the photo has become infamous, even Andy Warhol used it in one of his prints, Suicide (Fallen Body).

Though her death is infamous, not much is known about Evelyn McHale’s life.

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