Kinetic sand cutting compilation

The Kinetic Sand ingredients include a recipe made up of 98% sand and 2% polymer.  This allows, unlike sandbox or beach sand, can be shaped and molded much easier than traditional sand.

Kinetic Sand is mess-free, non-toxic, easy to clean up and hard to put down.

The texture of Kinetic Sand is so soft it is almost silky. Where Kinetic Sand is different from traditional sand, is that it feels like it is flowing through the fingertips. Fidgeting and working with sand like this can help to reduce stress and be very calming for kids and adults.

Cleaning up Kinetic Sand is easy, because it sticks to itself. Life gets hectic and children seem to find their way into all sorts of activities.

There are many sensory activities for kids that children enjoy playing with that challenge their creativity and imagination, but some have a very distinct odor.

Kinetic Sand is mess-free. This means that it will not get permanently ground into carpet or stain clothing.


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