Black Lotus

Magic: The Gathering is a card-collection game of course, so it makes sense some of its cards would be, well, collector’s items. One just fetched more than 74.879 Euros in an eBay sale.

As noticed by Kotaku, the Black Lotus card from Magic: The Gathering’s original launch (August 1993) went for 75.457 Euros after bidding closed. The Black Lotus, which officially “adds 3 mana of any single color of your choice to your mana pool,” showed up in three printings of Magic: The Gathering card sets from 1993.

What makes this Black Lotus card so valuable is only 1,100 were printed for MTG’s alpha set from 1993. When a rare item has a known and fixed number, its value increases accordingly. Also helping this card’s sale price was a 9.5 grading (out of 10) from card collection evaluator Beckett.

Kotaku has a better explanation for why Black Lotus was so powerful — and so, therefore, rare. Magic players versed in the game’s balance and mana systems know that it gives players a nice head start if they begin a game with it. It’s shown up before and always commands attention when it does — a 2014 live pack opening contained one, for example.


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