Pop Ambient Momente – Mixed by Popnoname – 2010

Jens-Uwe Beyer (aka Popnoname) is the founding member of all-star band ‘Cologne Tape’ and runs record label Magazine with bandmates Barnt and Crato. He has released several tracks on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series and has worked in collaboration with Jaki Liebezeit as well as producing remixes for several labels, the latest being a Eurythmics and Brian Eno & Cluster track for German label Grönland. Popnoname is Beyer’s alter-ego, one which, according to him: ‘Reflects my attitude towards life.’!


1) Markus Guentner – “Express Yourself” (Pop Ambient 2003)
2) Gustavo Lamas – “Manana” (Pop Ambient 2001)
3) Dirk Leyers – “Come To Where I Go” (Pop Ambient 2006)
4) DJ Koze – “Bodenweich” (Pop Ambient 2010)
5) Ulf Lohman – “Wasted Years” (Pop Ambient 2005)
6) Popnoname – “Nightliner” (Pop Ambient 2009)
7) Mint – “All (Remix)” (Pop Ambient 2001)
8) Triola – “In Lourdes” (Pop Ambient 2008)
9) Pass Into Silence – “Sakura” (Pop Ambient 2004)

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