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Secrets of the Lego factory

Here’s a behind the scenes tour of the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark – where we make almost five million bricks an hour!

Artificial Intelligence: mankind’s last invention

The idea of technological singularity, and what it would mean if ordinary human intelligence were enhanced or overtaken by artificial intelligence. The idea that human history is approaching a “singularity”—that ordinary humans will someday...

Japanese souffle cheesecake recipe

Ingredients: 200 g cream cheese 2 egg yolks 15 g sugar 12 g cake flour 150 ml milk 30 g unsalted butter 1/3 lemon zest 1/3 lemon juice 2 egg white 45 g sugar...


A whaling run takes a turn for the worse when a fearless captain and her small crew of whale-hunters encounter a far more ancient and horrible evil. Direction: Nathan Campbell, Alec Cummings [Via:]

Nyango Star

The fastest rising star in the world of Japanese mascots is Nyango Star, the apple/cat hybrid from Aomori’s Kuroishi City, whose popularity is skyrocketing thanks to a series of viral videos.. [Via:]

Gender dynamics of Mad Max: Fury Road

What kind of characters are in Mad Max: Fury Road, and why do they fight? That’s the question at the heart of Innuendo Studios’ fascinating new video series on the film, which dives into the...