Some Thing Has Found Us

20081 h 25 min

The film is presented as footage from a personal camcorder recovered by the United States Department of Defense in the area “formerly known as Central Park”, bearing a disclaimer stating multiple sightings of a case designated “Cloverfield”. The tape originally contained footage from the last day Rob and Beth had spent together, which later got overwritten in its majority by the events filmed during the night of Friday, May 22, 2009, the resulting tape alternating between the two.

The first segment is filmed by Rob on the morning of Monday, April 27. Rob and Beth wake up in an apartment after a night together and they make plans to go to Coney Island that day. The footage cuts to the evening of Friday, May 22, when Jason, Rob’s brother, and his girlfriend, Lily, prepare a farewell party for Rob, who will be moving to Japan. Their friend Hud films testimonials during the party.

After Beth has an argument with Rob and leaves, a supposed earthquake strikes, causing a brief citywide power outage; the local news reports a capsized oil tanker near Liberty Island. When the party-goers leave the building, the severed head of the Statue of Liberty is hurled into the street in front of them. Hud records what appears to be an enormous creature several blocks away collapsing the Woolworth Building. Later, during the city’s evacuation, the creature’s gigantic tail destroys the Brooklyn Bridge, killing Jason and several other people. News reports show the Army National Guard’s 42nd Infantry Division attacking the monster. Smaller “parasite” creatures fall off its body and attack nearby pedestrians and soldiers…

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