Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

One man's struggle to take it easy.

19861 h 43 min

Charismatic teen Ferris Bueller plays hooky in Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend.

Director John Hughes
Runtime 1 h 43 min
Release Date 11 June 1986
Movie Rating Excellent

In suburban Chicago, near the end of the high school year, senior Ferris Bueller fakes sickness to stay home. Throughout the film, Ferris frequently breaks the fourth wall to talk about his friends and give the audience advice on how to skip school. His parents believe him, though his sister Jeanie is not convinced. Dean of Students Edward R. Rooney suspects Ferris is being truant again and commits to catching him. Ferris convinces his friend Cameron Frye, who really is absent due to illness, to help get Ferris’ girlfriend Sloane Peterson out of school by reporting that her grandmother has died. To trick Rooney, Ferris sways Cameron to let them use his father’s prized 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder to collect Sloane. Cameron is dismayed when Ferris continues to use the car to drive them into downtown Chicago to spend the day, but Ferris promises they will return it as it was.

The trio leave the car with parking garage attendants who immediately take the car for a joy ride after they leave. Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane sightsee around the city, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Sears Tower, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and Wrigley Field, while narrowly dodging sight by Mr. Bueller. Cameron remains disinterested, and Ferris attempts to cheer him up by impromptu joining a parade float during the Von Steuben Day parade and lip-syncing Wayne Newton’s cover of “Danke Schoen”, as well as a rendition of The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” that excites the gathered crowds.

Meanwhile, Rooney investigates the Bueller home to try to prove Ferris’ truancy, getting into several pratfalls. At the same time, Jeanie, frustrated that the entire school believes Ferris has come down with a deadly illness, skips class and returns home to confront him, only to hear someone outside trying to break in. Rooney flees while she calls the police; when they arrive they arrest her for filing a false report and contact her mother to collect her. While waiting, she meets a juvenile delinquent who advises her not to worry so much about Ferris. Mrs. Bueller arrives at the station, upset about having to forgo a house sale, only to find Jeanie kissing the delinquent, infuriating her more….

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