I Spit on Your Grave

I Spit on Your Grave

This woman has just cut, chopped, broken and burned four men beyond recognition… but no jury in America would ever convict her!

19781 h 41 min

An aspiring writer is repeatedly gang-raped, humiliated, and left for dead by four men whom she systematically hunts down to seek revenge.

Director Meir Zarchi
Runtime 1 h 41 min
Release Date 2 November 1978
Movie Rating Very good

Manhattan short story writer Jennifer Hills (Camille Keaton) rents an isolated cottage in Kent, Connecticut near the Housatonic River in the Litchfield County countryside to write her first novel. The arrival of the attractive and independent young woman attracts the attention of Johnny, the gas station manager, and Stanley and Andy, two unemployed men. Jennifer has her groceries delivered by Matthew, who is mildly mentally disabled. Matthew is friends with the other three men and reports back to them about the beautiful woman he met, claiming he saw her breasts.

Stanley and Andy start cruising by the cottage in their boat and prowl around the house at night. One day, the men attack Jennifer. She realizes they planned her abduction so Matthew can lose his virginity. She fights back but they rip her bikini off and hold her. Matthew refuses to have sex with her, so Johnny rapes her first; Andy anally rapes her next. After she crawls back to her house, they attack her again. Matthew finally rapes her after drinking alcohol. The other men ridicule her book and rip up the manuscript, and Stanley sexually assaults her. She passes out; Johnny realizes she is a witness to their crimes and orders Matthew to stab her to death. Matthew cannot bring himself to do this, so he dabs the knife in her blood and returns to the other men, claiming he has killed her.

In the following days, a traumatized Jennifer pieces both herself and her manuscript back together. She goes to church and asks for forgiveness for what she plans to do. The men learn Jennifer has survived and beat Matthew up for deceiving them. Jennifer calls in a grocery order, knowing Matthew will deliver it. He takes the groceries and a knife. At the cabin, Jennifer entices him to have sex with her under a tree. She then hangs him, and drops his body into the lake…

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