Lady Bird

In Sacramento, in 2002, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson is a senior student at a Catholic high school. She longs to attend an Ivy League college in a city “with culture”. Her family is struggling for money, and her mother tells her Lady Bird is ungrateful.

Lady Bird and her best friend Julie join their school theater program, where Lady Bird meets Danny O’Neill. They develop a romantic relationship, and Lady Bird joins Danny’s family for Thanksgiving dinner in their large home, to her mother’s disappointment. Their relationship ends when Lady Bird discovers Danny kissing a boy in a bathroom stall.

At the behest of her mother, Lady Bird takes a job at a coffee shop, where she meets a young musician, Kyle. He and Lady Bird begin a romantic relationship, and she drifts away from Julie. After popular girl Jenna is reprimanded by her teacher Sister Sarah for wearing a short skirt, Lady Bird bonds with Jenna by vandalizing Joan’s car with her. Lady Bird tells Jenna that she lives at Danny’s family home.

Lady Bird drops out of the theater program. At the coffee shop, she consoles Danny after he expresses his struggle to come out. After Kyle tells her he is a virgin, she loses her virginity to him, but he denies saying this afterwards. Jenna discovers that Lady Bird lied about her address. Lady Bird discovers that her father has lost his job and is battling depression….

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