Lost Highway

Lost Highway

19972 h 14 min

Fred Madison, a Los Angeles saxophonist, receives a message on the intercom of his house: “Dick Laurent is dead”. During a break at a show one night, Fred calls his home, but his wife Renée does not answer. Arriving home later, Fred finds her sleeping in their bed. The next morning, Renée finds a VHS tape on their porch which contains a videotape of their house. After having sex one night, Fred sees Renée’s face as that of a pale old man, then tells Renée of a dream he had about someone resembling her being attacked. As the days pass, more tapes arrive showing the interior of their house and even shots of the pair asleep in bed. Fred and Renée call the police but the detectives offer no assistance.

Fred and Renée then attend a party being thrown by her friend Andy. At the party, the man Fred dreamed about approaches Fred, claiming to have met him before. The man then says he is at Fred’s house at that very moment and even answers the house phone when Fred calls it. Fred learns from Andy that the man is a friend of Dick Laurent’s. Terrified, Fred leaves the party and heads home with Renée. The next morning, another tape arrives and Fred watches it alone. To his horror, it shows him hovering over Renée’s dismembered body. He is sentenced to death for her murder. While on death row, Fred is plagued by headaches and visions of the Mystery Man, a burning cabin in the desert and a strange man driving down a dark highway.

During a cell check, the prison guard finds that the man in Fred’s cell is now Pete Dayton, a young auto mechanic. Pete is released into the care of his parents, who take him home and allude to–but never fully explain–his disappearance. Pete is followed by two detectives who are trying to find out more about him. The next day, Pete returns to work at the garage where gangster Mr. Eddy asks him to fix his car. Mr. Eddy takes Pete for a drive, during which Pete witnesses Mr. Eddy chase and beat down a tailgater. The next day, Mr. Eddy returns to the garage with his mistress, Alice Wakefield and his Cadillac for Pete to repair. Later, Alice returns to the garage alone and invites Pete out for dinner. Soon, Pete and Alice begin an affair. Alice fears that Mr. Eddy suspects them, and concocts a scheme to rob her friend Andy and leave town. Alice then reveals to Pete that Mr. Eddy is actually an amateur porn producer named Dick Laurent…

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