Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night, Deadly Night

You've made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas.

19841 h 19 min

In 1971, 5-year-old Billy Chapman and his family go to visit a nursing home where his catatonic grandfather stays; he tells Billy about how Santa Claus give presents to the nice children, but punishes the naughty. While driving back, a criminal dressed in a Santa outfit, who robbed a liquor store and killed the store clerk, seemingly has car trouble and gets Billy’s family’s attention to pull over and help. As they pull over, the Santa-clad criminal shoots the father with a pistol and slits the mother’s throat with a switchblade in front of Billy and his younger brother Ricky. Billy then runs off to hide leaving Ricky in the car.

Three years later in 1974, Billy and Ricky are celebrating Christmas in an orphanage run by Mother Superior, a strict disciplinarian who persistently strikes children who misbehave and considers punishment for their wicked actions a good thing. Sister Margaret, the only one who sympathizes with the children, tries to help Billy play with the other children, but Billy is constantly subject to Mother Superior’s scrutinizing eyes and regularly punished. On Christmas morning, the orphanage invites a man in a Santa Claus suit to visit the children; Billy gets dragged by Mother Superior and he punches the man before fleeing to his room in horror.

Ten years later, in Spring of 1984, a now adult Billy leaves the orphanage to find a normal life, and obtains a job as a stock boy at a local toy store thanks to Sister Margaret. At the store, he develops a crush on his coworker Pamela; he has sexual thoughts regarding her, but are often interrupted by morbid visions of his parent’s murders. On Christmas Eve, the employee who plays the store’s Santa Claus has been injured the night before and as a result Billy’s boss Mr. Sims makes him take his place. After the store closes, the staff has a Christmas Eve party. Billy (still dressed in a Santa Claus suit) tries to have a good time at the party, but he keeps having memories of his parents murder causing him to feel depressed. At one point, he sees his co-worker Andy making out with Pamela and they both walk into the back room. Billy walks after them and sees Andy trying to rape Pamela. This finally psychologically triggers his insanity; he hangs Andy with a string of Christmas lights and stabs Pamela with a utility knife, uttering darkly that punishment is good. A highly intoxicated Mr. Sims goes into back room to check on the noises he hears. Just when he’s about to leave Billy murders him with a hammer. Billy turns off the store’s lights, causing his manager Mrs. Randall to go check out the back room. She screams at the sight of Mr. Sims’s corpse and tries to call the police but Billy cuts the phone line causing her to run and hide. Billy walks around the store trying to find her and at one point Mrs. Randall jumps out and trips Billy, stealing his double-bit axe. She attempts to break the windows with the axe but Billy shoots her with a bow and arrow, killing her…

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