It's not a kid's game anymore.

19861 h 33 min

Corey and his band of skater buddies sometimes make mischief, but they're more interested in girls and having fun on their boards than in getting into any real trouble. Notorious enemy crew the Daggers, led by Tommy Hook, get their kicks terrorizing the locals at Venice Beach. When Corey starts dating Tommy's kid sister Chrissy, the Daggers are furious. The boys then take their beef to the "L.A. Massacre," a deadly skate race down a canyon road.

Director David Winters
Runtime 1 h 33 min
Release Date 29 August 1986
Movie Rating Good

Cory Webster is an amateur skateboarder from out of town staying in Los Angeles with friends in hopes of competing and winning a downhill competition for which he has been training. During his stay in LA, he falls for a beautiful blonde named Chrissy, who just happens to be the younger sister of Hook, the leader of “The Daggers”, a tough punk rock skateboard gang in the Los Angeles/Venice Beach areas. Chrissy is not a Dagger herself but has come from her home in Indiana to stay with her brother in L.A. for the summer.

Cory and his crew “The Ramp Locals” often have confrontations throughout the film because of Cory’s disobedience to Hook when asked not to come around or call Chrissy again. Chrissy, however, can choose her own relationships and has the opposite interest. Cory disobeys and is chased on skateboard through city streets and a parking garage by The Daggers. He barely escapes by boarding a bus and exiting through the back door and onto the roof while the rival gang members search the cabin of the bus. Through all of that memorable scene, the Circle Jerks song “Wild in the Streets” is played, showcasing the connection between ’80s hardcore punk rock and skateboarding culture (Vice Squad, Devo, SST Records and Siouxsie and the Banshees T-shirts can be seen on skateboarders throughout the film as well). Upset at Cory, The Daggers find The Ramp Locals’ half-pipe and burn it to the ground, thus creating more drama between the two skate crews…

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