Is she or isn't she?

20181 h 38 min

A woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution amid uncertainty as to whether her greatest fear is real or delusional.

Runtime 1 h 38 min
Release Date 22 March 2018
Movie Rating Very good

Sawyer Valentini is a troubled woman who moves away from home to escape a stalker. Sawyer finds she is still triggered by interactions with men to her memories of her stalker. She makes an appointment with a counselor at Highland Creek Behavioral Center. At her appointment, she unknowingly signs a release voluntarily committing herself to spend 24 hours there. She calls the police but they do nothing when they see the signed release. After physical altercations with a patient and a staff member, Dr. Hawthorne says she is being kept for seven more days.

Another patient, Nate Hoffman, gives Sawyer an introduction to the place. Highland Creek is running a scheme to milk health insurance claims for profit. They admit people against their will, and when insurance claims run out, the patient is “cured”. One day, Sawyer sees David Strine, her stalker, using an assumed name, “George Shaw”. She has an outburst, and is restrained. Her outbursts result in repeated usage of restraints and sedation.

Nate has a secret cell phone, and Sawyer uses it to call her mother, Angela, who attempts to get her out. David intentionally gives Sawyer a megadose of methylphenidate, causing her to become violent and disoriented. That evening, he fakes his way into Angela’s hotel, as Angela has never seen him. Sawyer confides in Nate about David, saying he was the son of a patient with Alzheimers when she worked at a hospice job. After David’s father died, he became obsessed with Sawyer.

David sees Sawyer and Nate together and feels threatened. He knocks Nate unconscious and takes him to the basement, where he tortures him with an ECT device before killing him with an overdose of fentanyl. When they find Nate’s body, the staff dismiss it as being caused by Nate’s drug addiction. Sawyer finds a phone under her pillow, with images of Nate badly beaten. She tries to alert the staff, but they put her in solitary confinement, and she is visited by David.

David says he has a secluded mountain cabin he wants to take Sawyer to. Sawyer mocks him for his obvious inexperience with women. David attempts to strangle her, but stops and leaves. Elsewhere, a body of an unknown male is found. David says Highland Creek administration believes Sawyer is gone, as he has changed information to make it appear that her insurance ran out…

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