Westworld ...where robot men and women are programmed to serve you for ...Romance ...Violence ...Anything

19731 h 28 min

In a futuristic resort, wealthy patrons can visit recreations of different time periods and experience their wildest fantasies with life-like robots. But when Richard Benjamin opts for the wild west, he gets more than he bargained for when a gunslinger robot goes berserk.

Director Michael Crichton
Runtime 1 h 28 min
Release Date 21 November 1973
Movie Rating Good

In the then-future year of 1983, a high-tech, highly realistic adult amusement park called Delos features three themed “worlds”—Westworld (the American Old West), Medievalworld (medieval Europe), and Romanworld (the ancient Roman city of Pompeii). The resort’s three “worlds” are populated with lifelike androids that are practically indistinguishable from human beings, each programmed in character for their assigned historical environment. For $1,000 per day, guests may indulge in any adventure with the android population of the park, including sexual encounters and even a simulated fight to the death. Delos’s tagline in its advertising promises, “Boy, have we got a vacation for you!”

Peter Martin (Benjamin), a first-time Delos visitor, and his friend John Blane (Brolin), on a repeat visit, go to Westworld. One of the attractions is the Gunslinger (Brynner), a robot programmed to instigate gunfights. The firearms issued to the park guests have temperature sensors that prevent them from shooting humans or anything with a high body temperature but allow them to ‘kill’ the cold-blooded androids. The Gunslinger’s programming allows guests to draw their guns and kill it, with the robot always returning the next day for another duel…

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