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Rückverzauberung @ Tusk

Last October, Wolfgang Voigt played his Rückverzauberung series at the Tusk Festival in Newcastle, UK. The visuals were specially made by Rachel Lancaster.


Pixel Mantle Label: Raster-Noton (R-N 139) Released: Jan 2013 Style: Abstract, Experimental, Ambient Mantle @ raster-noton.net Pixel @ soundcloud.com

Red Stars Over Tokyo @ Boiler Room Berlin

Since 2008, Red Stars Over Tokyo has been releasing records on his own Hot Hair imprint. With a past playing in Punk bands, his sound nowadays has a deliberate lo-fi approach. His tracks have...


Paul Corley Disquiet Label: Bedroom Community (HVALUR15CD) Released: Nov 2012 Style: Ambient, Abstract, Modern Classical Disquiet @ bandcamp.com Paul Corley @ facebook.com


Atom™ Winterreise Label: Raster-Noton (R-N 140) Released: Apr 2012 Style: Glitch, Abstract, Experimental, Ambient Winterreise @ raster-noton.net Atom™ @ facebook.com

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock (1912 – 1956) was an influential American painter, and the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement in the art world. During his lifetime, Pollock enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety. Jackson Pollock’s greatness...

The Sublime

Xela The Sublime Label: Dekorder ‎(DEKORDER 057) Released: Sep 2011 Style: Abstract, Experimental, Ambient The Sublime @ bandcamp.com Xela @ facebook.com

Small Craft On A Milk Sea

Brian Eno With Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams Small Craft On A Milk Sea Label: Warp (WARPCD207) Released: Nov 2010 Style: Abstract, Downtempo, Ambient Small Craft On A Milk Sea @ boomkat.com Brian Eno @...

The Mortimer Trap*

Ambarchi & Brinkmann The Mortimer Trap* Label: Black Truffle (bt06) Released: Feb 2012 Style: Abstract, Experimental, Drone The Mortimer Trap* @ boomkat.com Oren Ambarchi | Thomas Brinkmann @ facebook.com