Can drinking Moonshine make you blind?

In this video, beautiful Rosie O’Kelly explains you everything about the famous high-proof distilled spirit.

Interested in making your own corn whiskey mash, you’ll need a few basic equipment:

  • a large pot for mashing
  • a wort chiller for cooling liquid
  • a brewers thermometer
  • a plastic funnel
  • a spare plastic bucket for aeration
  • cheesecloth

Head over Clawhammer Supply for the full recipe and production steps.

Eduard Buchner (1860 – 1917) was awarded the 1907 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for demonstrating that the fermentation of carbohydrates results from the action of different enzymes contained in yeast and not the yeast cell itself.
He showed that an enzyme, zymase, can be extracted from yeast cells and that it causes sugar to break up into carbon dioxide and alcohol. []



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