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Having a bad trip right now?

A bad trip feels horrible, but it cannot actually hurt you or cause you harm. Many people have been in your position before, they have all come out of it.

A bad trip is when you have troubling thoughts or anxiety while on a psychedelic drug. It is just a temporary effect of the drug.

Calming down helps you deal with the bad trip until the drug effects wear off. Take a deep, slow breath in through your mouth, and then slowly let it out. This will help calm your body. Tension in the body is partly responsible for anxiety.

With every breath, take a deep and slow breath in, and then slowly let it out. As your body relaxes, your mind will also relax. Continue calmly slowly breathing in and out and think about how it feels.

Think about the fact that you are going to be fine. These are just the effects of a drug. Anxious thoughts, feeling scared and shaking are just temporary effects of a drug. Keep breathing slowly in and out, and become more comfortable.

Think about the position your body is in. Make your position as comfortable as it can be. Are all your muscles relaxed? Do for as long as you want. Let time pass, and try to think positive thoughts.

Nothing bad has happened while you were reading this Nothing bad can happen to you even though it might feel bad. You now need to wait for the drug effects to wear off. Try to make your environment comfortable, make the lights dim if you can.

You are calm enough to read this far, so you can be calm until the drug effects wear off. You could watch any nice movies or youtube videos. You are tripping so they will look weird and different, but that’s ok.

Perhaps you have a videogame that you like playing. Any normal fun thing that you like to do as part of your day would be great.

Close your eyes and take one more deep breath before going and doing that…

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