Graffiti Rock

Brainchild of Michael Holman, this was the pilot for a television program that would showcase the hip hop scene including breakdancing, graffiti, deejays and rappers. This program is 23 minutes of old school. This program’s purpose was to bring the culture into people’s living rooms. It was the only episode ever filmed. “The Most Host” Michael Holman (who also was the show’s creator) is quite entertaining throughout. He does his best to explain various aspects of what is going on in the show. He pieces together some very amateurish rhymes to segue into different sections. His best line comes as he describes scratching. He warns “Don’t try this on you’re dad’s stereo- only under hip hop supervision.”

The show features DJ Jimmie Jaz on the wheels of steel. His skills are not exactly legendary, but he doesn’t make any mistakes. Appearing in a co-host capacity are Kool Moe Dee and Special K of The Treacherous Three would rap the intro and closing to the show as well as the portions into the commercials.


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