The most armed man in America

Dragon Man‘s offers:

  • A firearms shop that specializes in military style rifles. We carry handguns, shotguns, silencers, and full-auto machine guns.
  • A shooting range which we allow; rifles, shotguns and handguns. One range goes up to 100 yards, as well as a long distance rifle range that goes up to 220 yards.
  • A 35 acre paintball field with 5 different fields. We have paintball rental equipment available to the public.
  • A 35 acre dirt bike track, good for dirt bikes, quads and four wheelers.
  • A military museum displaying; vehicles, armament, uniforms, and personal effects from WWI through Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • A motorcycle machine shop, which specializes in rebuilding Harley Davidson’s engines and transmissions.

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