Wighnomy Brothers – DJ Set @ VOLTT (Amsterdam) 2005-10-23

The Wighnomy Brothers are Robag Wruhme (Gabor Schablitzki) and Monkey Maffia (Sören Bodner). The two got to know each other in 1989 but became the Wighnomy Brothers in 1997.

The pair founded the record label Freude am Tanzen in 1998 with the motto “Stehter Tropfen höhlt den Stein” (‘steady drops will drill a hole in stone’). In 2002 they added a sub-label Musik Krause.

Monkey Maffia is also the owner of the record store Fatplastics in Jena.

In late 2009, Schablitzki and Bodner announced that they will be retiring the Wighnomy Brothers project at the end of the year but will continue DJing and producing music separately.

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