Andrew Thomas – Gaps In The Sun (Album, 2006)

The New Zealand artist, musician and skateboard-champion Andrew Thomas delivering the only release on the KOMPAKT MP3 label called KOMP3 with a wonderful ambient album “Gaps In The Sun”. Since his first album ‘Fearsome Jewel” KOMPAKT 86 LP/CD27 released on Kompakt in 2003, he is also a regular guest on the successful and beloved compilation row Pop Ambient. This sensitive, soft and solemn sound that Andrew Thomas always creates to broaden new and exciting facets, has become an essential component of the Pop Ambient sound philosophy

Label: KOMP3 (KOMP3 001) [Kompakt Schallplatten]
Released on October 15th, 2006

1. M+K – 5:04
2. Gaps In The Sun – 2:30
3. Angel – 11:24
4. Shiny Garden – 3:27
5. Hushhh (Remix) – 5:28
6. Above The World So High – 5:41
7. Lit (From Failing Light) – 2:12
8. I Am Here Where Are You – 7:58
9. Soft Bullets – 3:00

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