Bryan Zentz and Deg – DJ Set @ Fuse (Brussels) 2003-02-01

At an early age Bryan was taken-in by the attitude and reckless freedom that hardcore/punk, graffiti art, hip-hop, and different forms of electronic music offered. With his background as a former sponsored skateboarder, he knows how to push boundaries, always wanting to know what was next and always looking ahead. From playing in bands and being surrounded by a strong musical family, his ears are fine-tuned when it comes to hearing an original sound.
Bryan has been performing since the age of 16. He started off playing with bands influenced by DC area hardcore punk like Bad Brains and Minor Threat as well as the heavy politically charged crunch of Amebix, Crucifix and Discharge. Later he noticed the same release of aggression and wall of noise in hip hop. The production techniques of Marley Marl, Mantronix, The Bomb Squad for Public Enemy and the unmistakable sound of Eric B & Rakim, helped establish a source of inspiration. Early exposure to synth-based bands like Kraftwerk, and The Human League, paved the way for the more industrial side of Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire and Tackhead alongside the house and techno productions of Inner City, LFO, Fast Eddie, 808 State, Basic Channel, Underground Resistance, Robert Hood & Jeff Mills. His style is a combination of all these influences along with his own vision of the future.

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