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How to build an ultra realistic river

A complete in depth guide into building an amazing river scene that will drastically improve the detail on any model layout. [Via: Luke Towan]

Spoon carving

Windsor chairmaker Peter Galbert blows off steam by picking up a carving knife and whittling spoons. See how he creates his elegantly simple designs from start to finish. [Via: FineWoodworking]

2018 Nikon Small World competition

Microphotography has come along way since Nikon staged the first Nikon Small World competition in 1974. Finalists in 2018 harnessed a dizzying array of photographic techniques to achieve the spectacular results displayed here. A full-colour calendar...

Artist insert an electrode into his anus to make music

An Anuform® anal electrode connected to a modified Peritone EMG sensor registers the activity of my sphincter muscle. Anuform® and Peritone are readily available medical devices for the treatment of incontinence problems. Dani Ploeger...

Making Cuban chains

There are a variety of jewelry types in the market today and just like many things of the fashion world, particular items tend to disappear and come back in trend years later and some...

Watercolor by Shibasaki

Learn watercolor painting with Harumichi Shibasaki, the Japanese version of Bob Ross..