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Treehouse build timelapse

This tree house was built by Ethan Schlussler and his friend for a customer. The build took about six months start to finish, not working on it full time. It is located in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Was Roman concrete better?

In this video, Practical Engineering discusses a few modern techniques that help improve design life of concrete, including roller compacted concrete (RCC) and water reducing admixtures (superplasticizers).

Seattle Spheres

After seven years of planning and construction, Amazon’s mini rainforest spheres are finally opening in Seattle. “The Spheres,” as they’re known, hold 40,000 plants from 30 different countries around the world. They were designed as places...

Japanese wood joinery

Japanese wood joinery dates back to the seventh century and is a craftsmanship technique that involves complicated, interlocking wooden joints that form bonds without the use of nails, screws or adhesives. Even until recent...

Kölner Dom

Today, 20 years ago, the Cologne Cathedral was included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Begun in 1248, the building of this Gothic masterpiece took place in several stages and was not...