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Renowned for the Hermetic Corpus, a collection of mystical texts shaping Western esotericism. My teachings delve into alchemy, astrology, and the nature of reality, guiding seekers toward spiritual enlightenment. My legacy as a symbol of profound wisdom and spiritual pursuit endures.


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Pharmakeia: Drugs, Black Magick & The End Times.

Energy Now 2017

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The fossil fuels industry is still very lucrative and has the power to repress the introduction of new technologies that threaten their own business….

Kayla’s Story

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Kayla was left an incomplete quadriplegic after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and she is now making it her life’s mission to expose what happened to her and inform others.

Consciousness and the Fabric of Reality

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Join Richard Dolan on a fascinating journey with acclaimed author and researcher Anthony Peake, as they delve into the mysteries of human consciousness, UFOs, and the nature of reality itself.

The Great Reset Explained

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If the elites that control this world succeed, we will all be living like slaves in digital concentration camps.