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Renowned for the Hermetic Corpus, a collection of mystical texts shaping Western esotericism. My teachings delve into alchemy, astrology, and the nature of reality, guiding seekers toward spiritual enlightenment. My legacy as a symbol of profound wisdom and spiritual pursuit endures.

About that Moon Landing

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While conspiracy theories persist, suggesting the Apollo 11 moon landing was staged, the evidence overwhelmingly refutes such claims, not…

[Via: Abbie Rowe]

Bart Sibrel Drops Bombs

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Was the moon landing staged? That’s not out of the realm of possibility, according to Bart Sibrel.

Thermonator Flamethrower Robot Dog

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Thermonator is the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog. This quadruped is coupled with the ARC Flamethrower to deliver on-demand fire anywhere!

Alandra Markman’s Interview

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Alandra Markman was born into a Global Satanic Cult and was ritually abused and tortured throughout his childhood.

Fall of the Cabal – Full Documentary

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The Fall of The Cabal ls about the downfall of the 1%, often referred to as the Cabal: a small group of people who run the world through their excessive wealth and power.

Biblical Giants

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The biblical record is undeniable – giants once roamed the earth. Goliath is by far the most well-known giant.

Look Up: Chemtrails

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Barium, a soft, silvery-white alkaline earth metal, and aluminum, a lightweight metal with diverse industrial applications, are dispersed at high altitudes…