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Mainstream Media is Scripted

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Delve into the influence of a select few on mainstream media narratives. Explore how conglomerates and wealthy individuals shape public discourse.

They Live (1988) – Full Movie

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“They Live,” (full movie) released in 1988, presents a profound commentary on consumerism, media manipulation, and societal control.

The Secret Empire

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From Satanism to corrupted Mainstream Media, learn about how Power leads to Corruption. Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely..

MKULTRA Background and History

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The MKULTRA Project stands as one of the most infamous chapters in the annals of covert government operations. Initiated by the CIA in the 1950s and aimed to explore the possibilities of mind control…

Deathbed Confession: Moon Landing Fraud

One year after the release of “Moon Man: The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List,” revealing the faked moon landing in 1968, Security Chief Cyrus Eugene Akers, divulged critical details…

[Via: National Cancer Institute]

Turbo Cancers

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Multiple independent labs have confirmed that Pfi###’s COVID vaccine is contaminated with DNA fragments, SV40, and plasmids.

Is your DNA an EMF antenna?

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There are hundreds and hundreds of studies showing that our wireless wonderland of EMF is not good for our health.