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Suppressed Technologies, Their Inventors Elminated

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Explore the untold stories of innovators whose groundbreaking ideas were stifled, shrouded in mystery, and left on the fringes of history. Discover the revolutionary Ogle Carburetor and its inventor Tom Ogle, who challenged fuel efficiency norms. Unravel the mysteries surrounding Royal Raymond Rife’s Rife Machine, a claimed cancer-curing technology. Delve into Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell and its controversial impact on alternative energy. Explore Thomas Townsend Brown’s journey with anti-gravity technology and its elusive potential. Learn about Nikola Tesla’s vision of free wireless energy with the Wardenclyffe Tower. Investigate Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Generator and its disputed role in alternative medicine. Uncover the story of John Frost’s Avrocar, a unique venture in aviation history. Relive the ambitious but tragic tale of Valerian Abakovsky’s AOW Wagon. Examine Harry Hoxsey’s herbal cancer treatment and the ensuing medical controversy. Delve into the contentious debate over cold fusion by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. [Via: Universe Inside You]