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Covid-19 / Cardiomyopathy / Myocarditis [updated]

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Dr. McCullough: [Update from April, 26th] [Full video]

“In my practice, before the pandemic, I had only seen two cases of myocarditis … [After the C19 shots] in my practice, I have well more than several hundred cases with myocarditis. That is how common it is.”
“In the Hulscher paper that I’ve quoted, the cause of sudden adult death syndrome is very likely to be vaccine-induced myocarditis.”
“I have seen cases evolve and present now three years after the vaccine, with documented cardiac arrests, three years after vaccination … So, I think we should be very sober about this — that we’re looking at a very long period of time of concern for patients as the public wakes up to this.”

Dr. Peter McCullough gives explosive revelation of what the latest studies reveal about what the mRNA vaccines are doing to some people’s hearts. [Original post from April, 21st]