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Media Blackout: Episode 27

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10 – Top law professor labels mRNA COVID-19 injections “weapons of mass destruction.”

9 – Joe Biden’s daily pharmaceuticals have reportedly been revealed.

8 – Joe Rogan now questions if elections are even “real.”

7 – Candace Owens destroys Piers Morgan in a one-on-one debate about the COVID shots.

6 – Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels explodes on California’s woke policies. “You’ve lost your f*cking mind!”

5 – The US-Saudi petrodollar deal ends after fifty years, and nobody’s talking about it.

4 – Senator Lindsay Graham gives away the neocon playbook to the war in Ukraine.

3 – Actor Kevin Spacey breaking his silence on Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Bill Clinton.

2 – Newly-surfaced video exposes Nancy Pelosi admitting responsibility for unprotected US Capitol on January 6.

1 – European elections see a dramatic shift to the right across the entire continent.

Plus, an exclusive interview with Dr. David Martin.