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COVID shots Damage Cognition

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A study from South Korea showed the COVID-injected experienced:

  • A 68% rise in depression
  • A 44% surge in anxiety and related disorders
  • A 93.4% increase in sleep disorders
  • A staggering 138% jump in mild cognitive impairment
  • A 23% rise in Alzheimer’s disease

Millions of health records were analyzed for this study, comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated groups over a three-month period.

These results are corroborated by what Dr. Pierre Kory sees in his medical practice. He writes:

“In my practice of treating vaccine injuries, one of the three most common symptoms I see is brain fog. So many of my patients had been in the prime of their lives, can now barely function, have significant cognitive impairment and need a lot of help from our nurses to carry out their treatment plans. I never imagined I would see any of this in people far younger than me and instead I see it every day. I bear witness to an immense amount of suffering on a daily basis that is hard to put into words.”